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Reduce Your Energy Bills with Roller Shutters for Adelaide Homes

reduce your energy bills with roller shutters

Improve your energy efficiency
Roller shutters are an environmentally-friendly solution that also reduces your carbon footprint and improves your energy efficiency, thus reducing your energy bills. 

As most people in Adelaide will be know, we pay some of the highest power bills in the world. However, it is possible to mitigate the cost of this and to avoid being hit with huge bills for your air conditioning and cooling costs.

Additional insulation
Insulated window and door shutters mean that you have in place an extra level of insulation that protects your home from the heat of the sun.

Glass is a particularly effective conductor of heat and so unprotected windows are one of the main reasons that your home can become excessively hot during the summer months. However, installing window shutters can reduce this significantly, as high-quality aluminium roller shutters insulated with high-density polyurethane block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, meaning that your need for energy-consuming air conditioning to cool your home down is significantly reduced.

Protect your furniture from fading
Roller shutters on your windows and doors help to protect your home from the sun’s glare, as well as the damage and fading caused by the sun to carpets, curtains, furniture and window frames, thereby saving you money on replacement or refurbishment costs.


Solar power roller shutters
Installing a solar power operating system means you can operate your window and door shutters by remote control but without incurring further electricity costs.You can therefore can have the ease and convenience of remote control operation without using mains electricity, further reducing your carbon emissions.

Cost- and energy-conscious homeowners are installing roller door and window shutters as a means of efficiently and effectively keeping their homes cooler during hot Adelaide summers and as way of combatting ever-increasing energy prices.