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Protection From Storm Damage with Roller Shutters

storm protection with roller shuttersHeavy wind can cause damage
Heavy rain and high winds can cause chaos and damage in suburban and rural areas, and many homes are significantly damaged during storms. Trees and branches can crash through windows, hail can damage garages and carports, while doors and windows can be blown in.

Roller shutters prevent storm damage
Homeowners can prevent or reduce damage to their homes through the installation of roller window shutters. They can help to prevent flying debris and broken tree branches smashing windows, or heavy hail shattering the glass in windows and doors, as they are manufactured from aluminium and have foam insulation, making them extremely strong and durable and able to resist just about anything heavy winds or extreme weather can throw at them. It is also possible to purchases roller window shutters that conform to Australian CSIRO cyclone standards. 

No rattling or shaking
When they are closed, roller window shutters do not rattle or shake in high winds, meaning that you can still experience peace and quiet during the heaviest of storms. In addition,they are quick and easy to operate (either manually or by remote control), meaning that they can be closed at a moment’s notice of an impending storm.

Avoid storm damage to your home
You can’t avoid storms and severe weather, but can avoid damage to your home.  Roller window shutters provide an efficient and effective barrier to the elements, meaning that the glass in windows and doors can be protected, while water and rain damage to the interior of your home can be prevented.