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How Are Roller Shutters Made?

how are roller shutters made in AdelaideHigh-quality construction
Our roller shutters for windows and doors are made from premium quality aluminium, insulated with high-density polyurethane and treated with a baked enamel finish. Added to this is the fact that they’re constructed as a system of interlocking slats, which means they are able to resist against being prised or forced open. Therefore, this makes them extremely strong and durable so that they provide robust protection against both extreme weather and home intrusion.

High levels of security
Roller shutters are also fitted with an internal locking mechanism that ensures that your shutter is locked in position when it is closed. In addition, a key locking system can be installed, while shutters that are operated by remote control lock automatically. All of these design and construction elements mean that roller shutters are made in such a way that they effectively add another level of security to your home.

Protect against extreme weather
The sturdy construction of roller shutters means that if you live in an area of Adelaide or South Australia that is susceptible to extreme weather, you gain a further layer of protection and security.
They can help to prevent both exterior and interior harm to your home, as the robust, high-grade aluminium means that they are strong enough to be able to resist just about anything heavy winds or extreme weather can throw at them and when they’re closed, they don’t rattle or shake.

Roller shutters are recommended by many Australian insurance companies, and in some cases this can make a difference to the cost of the home insurance premiums you pay. 

Fire-resistant roller shutters
Aluminium roller shutters are coated with a baked enamel paint finish, and injected with high density polyurethane foam and so in a fire they’re able to withstand extreme radiant heat and so prevent your window glass from breaking. The enamel finish also makes them resistant to flames, so as well as protecting your glass they can protect the fabric and structure of your home and form an additional line of defence.

If you live in a bushfire-prone region in Australia, you can instal fire resistant shutters that are specially manufactured to withstand BAL40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40).

Energy efficient
Roller shutters create an insulating effect so that you can effectively control the temperature in your home, impacting significantly on your domestic energy efficiency. They provide an effective, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way in which to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, cutting down on your use of air conditioning and heating, and therefore your electricity consumption.